Lab Fun

Hotpot lunch and karaoke in Flushing to celebrate the Lunar New Year (Feb 2024)

Thai food Lunch for Hazel's end of rotation (Mar 2024)

Thai food Lunch for Alex's end of rotation (Dec 2023)

Lab hike at Silver mine lake loop trail (Oct 2023)

US Open quarter finals (Sep 2023)

Novak Djokovic!

Leylah Fernandez and Taylor Townsend

Lab Summer barbecue including Catan and Just Dance! (Aug 2023)

Mini golf in midtown (June 2023)

At a board game bar playing Codenames (Mar 2023)

Tom Cech visited us! (Aug 2022)

Lab summer pinic in Roosevelt Island (Aug 2022)

A lunch gathering (Jul 2022)

Ping Pong tournament!

Clue! the board game

Lunch with the Harrison lab

The epic Dixit board game battle. Rox won!

Celebrating John's birthday

First lab lunch with Christian and John (Oct 2021)

First lab picture with Christian and John (Oct 2021)

City view from our building

Lab mascot

Starring: Summer the shepherd dog